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Thank you for visiting my website – which I am currently updating, so please also check back in about two weeks or so. This site lists my practice areas and some of my experience and background, at the right you will find links to connect with me, at the right and below you will find links to my two blogs and some of my recent blog posts, and below you will find a contact box if you want to send me a comment or inquiry, and links to a few of my papers (I am updating and adding to these links). Please also see the disclaimer below – I am under no circumstances providing you with legal advice or representing you unless we enter into a written engagement letter that is signed by both you and me, and under no circumstances am I soliciting to provide legal services inside of or outside of California.


HTTP://CALIFORNIAESTATETRUST.COM – for trust, estate, power of attorney, conservatorship, elder abuse, nursing home, and disability litigation, and contentious administrations, etc.; and

HTTP://AUDITCOMMITTEEUPDATE.COM – for D&O, boards, directors, audit committees, shareholders, founders, owners, and investors, governance, risk management, accountants/auditing, compliance and investigations.

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Here is a link to my paper a Summary of California Trustee and Beneficiary Responsibilities and Rights CLICK HERE

I have removed the link to Tate’s Excellent Audit Committee Guide (2016/2017) because it is being updated, currently I am posting these chapters and topics as separately as they are updated.

Thank you for staying in touch – being a lawyer is a people profession. David Tate, Esq. (San Francisco/California).

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