California orders farmers and cities to stop pumping water during drought . . . I would want to secure my water rights and resources, and have a California master plan for sustainability

I would certainly have concerns about both short-term and long-term business sustainability if I was a farmer or in a California business that required larger amounts of water. And I would have a keen interest in knowing about, protecting, and securing my water rights and how the available water is allocated to my business v. others (i.e., who gets it, and why, and securing my business needs), and also knowing about, controlling, and minimizing to the extent possible the related water and delivery costs.

Long-term however, as it is a possibility that drought or at least water resource availability will be issues and problems or possible problems year-to-year, I would also want and would expect that there would be an overall California long-term plan for sustainability that would cover not only water resources and storage (including expanded resources and storage) but also other optics such as wild fires (and related house and building insurance), business development and keeping businesses and jobs in California, housing costs and construction (including single family housing), certain aspects of health and healthcare (including mental health), etc. I’m not aware that any such sustainability plan or blueprint exists although California has 236 agencies, commissions and departments. But these are topics for other posts.

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