California Air Resources Board [Proposed] 2022 Scoping Plan for Achieving Carbon Neutrality – Industries, Business, D&O, Auditors, Legal, Compliance and Basically Everyone Needs to Know and Will Be Impacted

Yesterday the California Air Resources Board produced its [proposed] 2022 Scoping Plan for Achieving Carbon Neutrality November 16, 2022. Although lengthy at 297 pages, it is short on specifics. CARB refers to the plan as being proposed; however, elsewhere the plan is discussed in terms that would suggest it is a done deal. What can be said is that the eventual specifics will in some manner impact basically everyone in California, but some more and more directly than others. A section of the plan (but I wouldn’t really call it a plan but more of a paper or an overview) does focus on certain listed broad sectors, industries, activities or uses including land uses, and I find that section of the plan to be more useful. The bottom line is that all industries, businesses and business groups need to be aware and active as the proposed specifics are proposed and implemented. To be fair, the plan does talk in terms of working with business including both larger and smaller business to develop and implement specifics. Indeed, an unwise approach will negatively impact jobs of all kinds and the employment and financial wellbeing of all people throughout California. The references to “industries” and “businesses” should be read as broadly as possible as basically everyone and all legal entities in California, north and south and middle, will eventually be impacted – thus, just for example, from a legal entity perspective “industries” and “businesses” also includes entities that operate as nonprofits. One additional comment at this time – although the plan does not discuss enforcement in any detail, it does contain the following very short paragraph:

“It will take all tools at all levels of government, with robust enforcement, to ensure that vulnerable communities continue to see improvements in air quality until no disparities exist in air pollution across the state.”

The following is a link to the plan on the CARB website – scroll to near the bottom of the relatively long page and click on Scoping Plan:

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